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Monday, July 17, 2006


So, about six months ago my nephew's girlfriend offer to give her budgie, with cage, stand etc. To LuckyL. Now this kid id crazy about animals, and immediately asks us for permission. I can't say no, so we become proud parents of a budgie. Nice bird, not tame, called Buddie.
Buddie was 2 years old already, and we were told they normally live to about 2.5, maybe 3 yrs. I don't know...
Anyway, yesterday morning Buddie died. Stupid bird.
I went out for a smoke, so took his cage and put him outside too. With me. Normally he would start to sing like crazy, probably calling for someone to come and release him. Anyway, yesterday he was quiet, sitting on his perch, feathers all fluffy. So I took him back inside.
Gave him fresh water, and refilled his food. Then I noticed he wasn't as skittish as usual. And for the first time since we got him he let me touch him. I rubbed his wings, his toes, and even rubbed his beak. Strange! Very strange.
Anyway, I left him there, and went out to finish my smoke. About 10 minutes later the Princess comes down stairs. I tell her about the strange way Buddie is acting, and go over to the cage to show her. And he's lying flat on the bottom of the cage, feet in the air. Dead as a doornail! (Brings to mind that awesome skit about the dead parrot?!?)

Anyway, to cut a long one short, LuckyL came in, we told him, he thought I had killed the bird by leaving him out too long and him getting sun stroke or something equally stupid.

We're getting a new bird soon....... Younger, so the it can be tamed / hand reared, I dunno, something like that.


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That dude in the UK said...

The only bloke i know who can bore a bird to death, that must be a first! Shame sorry to see Bud go, reminds me of the time when Craig was small and the fish died. Explained that it would go to heaven. Long story short, I went to flush it down the loo only to find he had followed me - and they say when you get older you lose your imagination - shit something like this brings it back fast.

Will say a prayer for Bud and his replacement - got to be Terence - remember the two bit spag western characters