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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Toileted Blogger

I check and read quite a few Bloggs on a daily basis, if not during "lunch time", then from home after hours.
One favourite is this one:-

However, it would seem as if the bogging blogger is too blogged up to continue a steady stream of blogging bloggs.
So, for this I award you the "Used Toilet Seat" trophy for this month.
In the event you don't know what this is, I am attaching a picture (compliments of Google, and, NO, no permission requested)

You get to wear this, around your neck, everyday for the next 28 days. And don't you dare clean / disinfect / wipe / cover it.



Steven Douglas said...

I shall consider myself well and truly "kakked out"... :-)

Seaman R/Bay said...

Well glad it was not me !!

jenny said...

love this one! Hope the loo seat will be passed around as necessary! I hate going to the blogs and finding nowt new!

Steven Douglas said...

I give in...I posted something new. Took me a couple of hours to write it, as controversial as it is. I don't care though...it's my reality...

jenny said...

Max honey, I hate to say it but Steve has posted, I've posted, Rossco's posted but you have been strangely silent. I can feel that toilet seat heading your way!!

Steven Douglas said...

Max is away on leave for 10 days...lucky barstud...