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Monday, June 12, 2006

Rugby Test

10 June 2006 - Kings Park Stadium - Durban - South Africa

South Africa (Springboks) 36 - 16 Scotland

Nuff Sed!



jenny said...

How come I'm getting the feeling your having a dig young man!?

Not that I care...I'm not so big on men playing with funny shaped balls, anyhow we beat England which is enough to keep us happy till next 6 nations! We're easy pleased here...we're supporting T&T in the WC for god's sake!

Wreckless said...

Not really, I just wasn't sure if
a) You followed rugby, and
2) you had seen / heard the score.
As for beating England, that is a feather in the cap alright. And you have my support everytime you do!!!


Steven Douglas said...

We can still tie the series at one a piece, next weekend in Port Elizabeth.

Now wouldn't that be ironic? The very ground where SA played their first home test, beaten by Scotland against whom they played their first away test?

Makes for a fairytale ending...