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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The house / bar / collections....

So, basically the house is done, except for the bar area. That always seems to be on the back burner. Always sucking hind tit. Always.... Well you understand.

Queens flat / apartment is done. Expanda doors, burglar bars, curtain rails, pictures hung.... DONE!

The two basement rooms have been painted and tiled. We even fitted a window to the one. So now the kids will have their own lounge area. The fact that access is through the garage, well that's just tough. We have an old lounge suite we are putting in there, and I'm going to make and install a wall unit for the TV, playstation games and stuff. Oh, and the soccer table game, fuzeball thing is going in there as well.
The builders (working in their off time) are finishing the flower boxes / wall retaining boxes, and once that is done I want to put a roof over the braai / barbecue area. Then that's them off / finished / away. Thankfully.

And then, maybe I can start with the bar. Oh, that beautiful place, full of alcoholic beverages, collections of miniature booze bottles (over 500 at last count), coasters (bar beer mats) over 600, some framed, others still to be sorted, over 100 beer mugs of various forms, makes, (500ml), bar counter beer towels, some 10 - 15 of them (thanx to friends visiting the UK - and Peter who has been living there for 15 yrs!).

Above, pic of the bar in our previous home. Room was abour 3 meters x 6 meters!!! Pic shows some of the minatures (in sealed / dust free display cabinets) and above a small beer collection and above that some of the beer mugs in my collection. On the cabinet is 2 or 3 of the special 1.5lt wines in their boxes, as well as an old clock I inherited.

Above pic is more of the dispalys, plus the baby grand, beers, mugs, some of the warthogs....

I have a big, old collection of cigarette lighters, fancy ones, and about 200 disposable ones (which I want to get rid of. Anyone collecting?). Some few hats / peak caps, special collected one's, (the rest I give to Seaman, he displays them in his lapa)(what's a lapa u say ? Look it up!)

Then there's the coin collection, bank notes (some old, some just different), there's a collection of cufflinks (very old), ties (about 100, really want to get rid of them), a collection of wines (1.5 lt bottles) in special wooden presentation cases.

THERE'S MY COLLECTION OF WARTHOGS!!! For many years I have been collecting warthog carvings. Wooden one's, stone carvings, and I even have glass and crystal carvings of the warthogs! And from my two boys when they were very young, a plastic "Pumba"!

So you see, there is much work to be done to design a bar / bar area to
a) display all this stuff
b) protect this stuff
c) allow for continued growth of the collections
d) still be able to use the bar as such!!

Any ideas?



jenny said...

I've got no ideas on how to help you store your collectables but I'm up for giving it the once over when it done...mine's a vodka....tall glass, Ice, Lime and Ginger Ale!

Seaman R/Bay said...

Get rid of the kids then you will have lots of space!!

Wreckless said...

Jenny, you strike me as a vodka kind of a girl. As for my collectables, I am happy to throw out the dining room furniture to extend the bar area if I have to. Although, my bar area is about....48m2 as it is....


Steven Douglas said...

Oh bollocks to collecting things people want to drink.

Swig all the collectible booze miniatures while you use the lighters to set fire to the beer mat and warthog kindling, making a fire big enough under the lapa to have a braai more memorable than Alan Boesak going to jail for fraud.

I'll be there at 5pm to give you a hand...make sure you get some ice for the scotch. LOL..