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Monday, June 05, 2006

Another day in paradise

I eventually get the phone number for the Roodepoort technicon so that I can apply to register for a CAD class. It's a "place of higher learning" they say...
I call, and they ask me to call the Engineering department.
So this is how the call goes.

Ring, ring. Ring, ring
Hello, is this the Roodepoort College Engineering department?
The Engineering department!
Can you tell me when the next CAD night classes will start?
It hes oredy statad.
I know , I want to know when the next course will start.
Maybe August.
Maybe? Aren'y you sure.
Yes, August.
Ok, what is the cost for the course?
Four fifty
(I assume this to be R450)
And can you tell me how long the course is please?
3 Months.
And how many times a week do they have a class?
How many times a week is there a class?
One......, or two.
Well, is it one or two?
Eet depends.... maybe wan, maybe two...
So, you don't really know?

Now, this is an institution for higher learning. However, it would seem that to get employed there you need to have attended some form of formal schooling for no more than one or two years. You do not have to have any telephonic skills, or be able to read, or even relate in english on an acceptable level. What you are expected to however, is be at your desk everyday of the week so that you can qualify for your monthly paycheck.......

And you ask me why? Why I do what I do, say what I say, am like I am.....!
What are you missing here?


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Steven Douglas said...

Just because he works in a "place of higher learning" doesn't mean to say that he is learned himself...he's just a "wekka", filling in a position that could have been given to someone as/less skilled than himself, but could at least speak English or use a little initiative.